Go on. Dream Big.

For some, it's a house. For others, it's the latest gear-packed, chrome-covered wonder to drive off the showroom floor. Whatever's on your wish list, we'll help you finance it with a loan that fits your budget.

Auto and Personal
Sometimes you just need a simple, fixed-rate loan to help with a one-time purchase. Whether it's a new set of wheels or a boat for your house on the lake, we'll help you close the deal with a competitive rate and terms that work for you.

Mortgage Loans
When it comes to your mortgage, we go the extra mile. With friendly loan officers who take the time to help you understand the process and get the financing you need. Ready to start? Apply online or drop by anytime. We're always here to help.

Home Equity Loans
Chances are you've got lots of equity built up in your home. At Iroquois Federal, we can help you put it to work, turning the home you own into the tool you need to finance everything from college tuition, to home improvements, to the vacation of your dreams.